« Build and strengthen connections »

As well as being wholly attentive to the logistics, we are acutely aware that the goal of your event is to create links or connections between your employees and to reinforce the sense of belonging to the same company. This is why our propositions always include special moments for relaxation and conviviality.

Nothing better after a day’s work and a relaxing shower than to meet up again for a game of boules and a glass of rosé wine…an excellent start to the evening!

Jérôme will be there with his supply of boules and will wait patiently until everyone has arrived.

Everyone meets up first at the bar…. And then, with a glass of rosé in hand, the players listen attentively to Jérôme’s briefing. Then the teams are selected (3 players per team, each with 2 boules) before it all starts off with everyone happy and ready to play.

It’s a real opportunity to create new connections, to lose inhibitions and to discover new talents!

And while the game progresses, anenormous paella simmers gently in the corner!