Laissez-nous le plaisir de vous faire découvrir la Normandie telle que nous l’aimons, telle que nous la vivons à chaque instant.

Selon vos envies, A la Carte Events, votre agence événementielle vous propose des prestations sur-mesure pour vous dévoiler une Normandie empreinte de charmes et de richesses.

La région normande dispose de lieux vous permettant une mise en scène classique ou décalée, des soirées contemplatives ou participatives, une recherche personnalisée destinée à séduire vos invités, des huîtres sur un bateau, un dîner préparé par vos soins, un dîner sophistiqué ou une cuisine comme à la maison qui vous renvoie dans votre enfance…

L’art de voyager n’est pas forcément dans la distance, mais dans la façon d’orchestrer ce voyage. Laissez-vous transporter au coeur de l’histoire et du patrimoine normand et construisez avec notre agence de communication événementielle l’histoire de votre événement sur-mesure !

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Away from it all, find time to reflect.


Hospitality is a precise art, not only focused on the detail but also on memories and feelings.


Experience an innovative, unexpected team-building event in the heart of Normandy where anything is possible.

Our stories in Normandy

Make your own film at Deauville

Deauville has had a long love story with the cinema right from its beginnings, with stars from across the world visiting regularly and then there’s its beach and boardwalk of legendary status thanks to the passionate vision of the French director Claude Lelouch in his famous film ‘Un Homme et Une Femme’ (A Man and […]
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Le château du champ de bataille

What is the most wonderful event that you have organised? That’s impossible to say because each event is unique, created and made-to-measure to meet our clients’ objectives. Thinking about it, though, my most precious memories are of the many ‘human’ moments: shared experiences, sensations and laughter. A successful event relies on excellent teamwork between the […]
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Lisa Lisa Lovatt-Smith protects and helps children in Ghana. She has published a book “Who knows tomorrow” that recounts her passage from a life in fashion to a life centred on the children of Ghana. At 22 years’ old, Lisa became the youngest Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine and the youngest Director of Fashion […]
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« Give your events true meaning »

In an industry that has become standardised and unimaginative, A La Carte Events creates unique moments for your company with a resolutely human approach to the organisation of your events. What do you mean by ‘standardised’ ? We see it all the time and our clients say the same: Rhythms have accelerated. There is a […]
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How long have you worked in business tourism? “Officially since 1989, but I never thought of this career as my destiny as I studied international affairs. Like many of us, I’ve always been drawn to beautiful people, beautiful places and beautiful things; I always felt a certain attraction to the stars and was always a […]
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Inspirations notebook

À la Carte EventsElsewhere

As well as being experts on Normandy and the South-West of France, our clients often request our services for elsewhere in France and abroad for their seminars and incentive trips.
Our collective experience of over 25 years in business tourism means we have built up an extensive address book of contactsacross the world.

À la Carte EventsSouth-West Toulouse & Carcassonne

In 1999, Caroline Louzir unpacked her suitcases one last time in the south of France after having travelled the world working for a large business tourism agency in Paris.
Having based herself between Carcassonne and Toulouse, Caroline decided to develop a reception agency in what is the largest region of France: Occitania, or the Pays d’Oc.