L’agence réceptive A La Carte Events est spécialiste de vos séminaires
sur-mesure à Toulouse et Carcassonne en Occitanie


From the Mediterranean to the slopes of the Languedoc, the TRUE south of France untouched and retaining its raw identity, allows you to return to the values of a bygone era.


A story to be rewritten


Stir the emotions


Pleasures to be shared

Our stories in the South-West

Get to know one another

Despite a thick casebook of events this was a first because I had never worked with a Polish agency before. So we needed to get to know one another and to get to grips with a new culture… From the company point of view there wasn’t much to worry about as it was a pharmaceutical […]
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South-West – a story about the South of France

« Build and strengthen connections » As well as being wholly attentive to the logistics, we are acutely aware that the goal of your event is to create links or connections between your employees and to reinforce the sense of belonging to the same company. This is why our propositions always include special moments for relaxation […]
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A client unlike the others

“Hello Caroline, us again! So where are we going this year?” For seven years now I have organised Prize Giving Day for this client. It all started from a call to tender that arrived in my inbox eight years ago as some do occasionally giving the impression that the client has sent out a mail […]
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Inspirations notebook

À la Carte EventsNormandy

Since 1989, Thierry Pic has shared his passion for Normandy through the organisation of events ‘à la Carte’ for both French and international clients.
By managing his own reception agency Thierry has been able to develop products and concepts of renown in the world of business tourism.
Today he provides a luxury concierge service born out of his extensive knowledge of Deauville and the Normandy region.

À la Carte EventsElsewhere

As well as being experts on Normandy and the South-West of France, our clients often request our services for elsewhere in France and abroad for their seminars and incentive trips.
Our collective experience of over 25 years in business tourism means we have built up an extensive address book of contactsacross the world.