Following the pre-selection of several prestigious locations in Paris and then site visits, our American client chose a haven in the heart of the 16th district.

Three hundred guests from around the world gathered for cocktailsand a themed buffet dinner created specially for the occasion by the best artisan pastry chefs, cheese makers and bakers in Paris, capped off by the Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin and his team.

The lighting set up, parking valets waiting at the entrance, a long red carpet, actors in historical costumes to welcome the guests, a private B-Bar for the VIPs hidden behind a heavy velvet curtain, sumptuous bouquets of flowers in the corporate colours, renowned oenologists, a very discreet photographer…

What an absolute pleasure it was to prepare to the last millimetre every element of this evening around French savoir-faire in a magnificent spotat the heart of Paris!