In an industry that has become standardised and unimaginative, A La Carte Events creates unique moments for your company with a resolutely human approach to the organisation of your events.

What do you mean by ‘standardised’ ?

We see it all the time and our clients say the same:

  • Rhythms have accelerated.
  • There is a uniformity of products and services (difficult for companies to differentiate themselves in the face of an overabundance of products plus internal and external challenges).
  • The standardisation of supply and demand (ready-made packages, tour operators, “googleisation”).
  • A loss of confidence (shifting national and international contexts).
  • The dehumanisation of the relationship between clients and suppliers (clients as well as employees are just a number; relationships exist only via email, direct contact doesn’t seem to exist any more).

You feel that reinvention is required, more thinking out of the box…?

Systems change and new trends are born such as think tanks focusing on a positive economy and the rise of the sharing economy. For example, isn’t car-pooling now real competition for the train companies? These values are now firmly entrenched and relate to a large part of the market today.

These facts and these values echo our long-standing approach towards accompanying our clients. We have always respected and applied these beliefs in the creation of events for our clients and we are proud to work with them in a real spirit of partnership, friendship and trust.

You may be surprised to know that it is because our beliefs are the same as those of our clients and because they wanted us to continue working with them to achieve their vision, that we created A la Carte Events in 2007 for all our clients, large and small, national and international.

Tell me how, then?

Above all, through being close to our clients

We believe in the power of human relationships. A group is made up of people who are individuals, with different personalities. We make it our business to understand the dynamics of the group, the style of the company and its strategic priorities.

The first thing we will want to know is the reason why you are organising an event. And the context. What stories and examples can you give us? What are the key messages you want your participants to take away with them?

We believe that it is only through a clear understanding of our clients’ core values and priorities that we can meet their expectations and create their perfect event.

Through being what we have chosen to be

We have chosen to be a small company able to be totally dedicated to our clients. We choose to organise not more than 50 events a year because for us the quality of our events is more important than the quantity.

And finally, through our expertise

Over 25 years we have developed an extraordinary network of experts with whom we work in complete confidence. We can create events for 10 people or for 600 people, events over 3 days or for a longer period. No matter what the situation, we are totally dedicated to our clients – this is our trademark.